I'm delighted to have my English translation of C.F. Ramuz's "Chant de Notre Rhone" under contract with Onesuch Press. This 70-page prose poem, published in 1920, is an artful ode to the land and the people who live along the Rhone and Lake Leman in Switzerland. My translation, "Riversong of the Rhone" is scheduled to appear in spring 2015.

After three years of research in five countries, my biography of Helene Schweitzer Bresslau (1879-1957) will be published in spring of 2015 by Syracuse University Press. "HELENE SCHWEITZER - A Life of Her Own" will be the first book in English about the remarkable woman who was the co-founder and lifelong partner and supporter in the work of the Schweitzer Hospital in Lambarene, Gabon, West Africa. Helene Schweitzer was also a pioneer social worker, natural linguist, registered nurse, and indispensable editorial assistant in the writings of her husband, Dr. Albert Schweitzer (1875-1965).


Geneva Writers Group 2013 Literary Award for Non-fiction: "Gateau de Payerne" by Patti M. Marxsen. Judged by Dinty W. Moore.

Two ekphrasic poems (i.e. poems about art) from several I've written about portraits of women in Swiss museums have recently been published:

"Madame de Stael" in OFFSHOOTS12, the journal of the Geneva Writers Group.

"Girl Braiding Her Hair," in the September 2013 issue of the poetry journal, Ekphrasis.


This combination of memoir, history, and biography was authored by Jo and Walter Munz, and first appeared in German and French. Albert Schweitzer's Lambarene - A Legacy of Humanity for Our World Today is available from
HELENE SCHWEITZER - A Life of Her Own will be published in 2015. Cover to be determined, but this is one of my favorite images of Helene, c. 1935 [Photo courtesy of Archives Centrales Schweitzer Gunsbach]

Seven essays on islands with French connections focus on the culture, history, and unique experience of "floating worlds" that are faraway and yet within reach, at least for the armchair traveler. This book was a finalist in the Writers' League of Texas Nonfiction Book Awards (2009). Please order from
This collection of short stories set in Haiti, with one exception, explores the "outsider's" lens we often bring to Haitian culture. Published by Educa Vision in 2010.

This Teacher's Guide to "Tales from the Heart of Haiti" includes historical background, discussion questions, and project ideas. It has been used in a variety of settings with success.
These essays go beneath the surface of life in Switzerland. As with my other "travel essays," these writings weave elements of art, literature, culture, and ideas with my personal observations of daily life. Available at a Kindle near you!

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